Laura Marling

* -- transcribed from the above video

Noeul Riel - a possible influence on Marling's next album (An explanation of the song's title might be this. Justin Tyler Close, who photographed Marling for Lab Magazine, has been and currently is working with Los Angeles mixed-media artist Noeul Riel, and Marling has posted some of that work on Instagram.)

She sings along to sailor's song
In a dress that she made
When she's gone I sing along
But it doesn't sound the same

Oh Nouel, you seem so well
Sing only for me
Fickle and changeable
Though I may always be

I pulled a thorn from her tiny paw
Her feet were unclean
Fetch me water, bless it twice
And hand that sponge to me

I do well to serve Nouel
Whatever service I may be
Fickle and changeable
Weighing down on me

She speaks a word which gently turns
To perfect metaphor
She likes to say I only play
When I know what I'm playing for

Oh Nouel, you must know me well
And I didn't even show you the scar
Fickle and changeable
Semper femina

She would like to be the kind of free
Women just can't be alone
I wish I could hit the switch
That keeps you from getting gone

Oh Nouel, it hurts like hell
When you're so afraid to die
Semper femina
So am I

I still love you
Semper Femina
Fickle and changeable
Semper femina

She lays herself across the bed
The origine du monde
Slight of shoulder, long and legged
Her hair a faded blonde

Oh Nouel, you sit so well
A thousand artists' muse
You'll be anything you choose
Fickle and changeable are you
And long may that continue

I do well to serve Nouel
My only guiding star
Fickle and changeable
Semper femina