Laura Marling

I've lived my life in fits and spurts
Maybe I've had more than I deserve
I'm sure I cannot feel much worse
I kept your letter, I read your words

I tried to give you love and truth
But you're acid?tongued, serpent-toothed
I tried to share the map with you
But you knew your way, you had your route
I will find God in the hands of truth

Left my heart with a man in those eastern woods
He is people-shy but his words are good
And I hope that he won't fade away
I should write to him tomorrow, I wrote that yesterday
Home, this is not a home anymore

You just threw your pieces
They washed up on my shore
I have not lived any other way
It is my right to wander
I might choose to stay
I will find God in the strangest place

I saw the sign for the old highway
You did cross my mind but it didn't change
I do hope that we meet again someday
Hope we meet again
I hope you never change
I hope that we meet again
Hope you never change