In December 2009, Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons played six dates in India as part of the British Council's India Soundpad Project. (India Soundpad was aimed at generating a dialogue between the emerging alternative music scenes in India and the UK.)

In Delhi, Unfortunately Marcus was sick and couldn’t sing, but the remaining three jammed with Laura and the Rajasthani folk band collaborating with them.

In a documentary called "Goodbye India", Marling said: "The gigs in Mumbai and Delhi...were outside amphitheaters, really beautiful settings. The rest of the gigs we played were tough for me. It was tough on the soul as well because no-one was listening. I’m never ungrateful for anything I do because all of it is an incredible experience but it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I lost my patience a few times."

She was particularly frustrated with the final show in Calcutta. "I’ve never experienced anything like that last gig in Calcutta," she said. "I don’t write songs that people can dance to but I wouldn’t write songs if I didn’t want people to listen to them. Apart from the 5 ex-pats at the front nobody else wanted us to be there...I only played five songs, but I screamed them."

Dharohar album art THE DHAROHAR PROJECT EP was released on 5 July 2010.
It contained four tracks.

  1. Devil's Spoke/Sneh Ko Marg
  2. To Darkness/Kripa
  3. Anmol Rishty
  4. Mehandi Rachi

Performing on the album are: Banjo – Winston Marshall
Double Bass, Backing Vocals – Ted Dwane
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Ben Lovett
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drum, Tambourine – Marcus Mumford
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Double Bass – Laura Marling
Dholak – Kutla Khan Manganiyar
Drums [Bhapang], Vocals – Jumma Jogi Mewati
Drums [Ghungroo], Bells, Vocals, Voice – Dilip Bhatt
Drums [Khartal] – Bhungar Khan Manganiyar
Idiophone [Morchang], Vocals – Raeis Khan Manganiyar
Sarangi, Vocals – Sardar Khan Langa
Vocals – Daya Ram
Vocals – Sumitra