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16 December - CALM Charity Event - Omeara - London, UK


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17 February - St. Giles in the Field - London, UK

(June & July dates are with Mike Lindsay - as LUMP)

1 June - Rough Trade East - London
2 June - (2 shows) Trades Club - Hebden Bridge
3 June - (2 shows) Band on the Wall - Manchester
5 June - (2 shows) Oslo - London
6 June - (2 shows) Oslo - London
8 June - Festival of Voice - Cardiff
9 June - Rough Trade - Bristol
13 July - Latitude Festival - Henham Park
27 July - Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever - Los Angeles, CA
21 November - The Garage (LUMP) -- London, UK

laura marling


Below is an account of Marling's recent Nashville show by ohh-sweet-nuthin:

It’s very rare that you get to hear an artist’s new songs live in concert, even rarer still when you hear most of their new album ahead of its release. Laura Marling performed the songs of her new album and I was lucky enough to be there.

The new album is apparently called Semper Femina and it’s all about women. The songs have a more soulful sound, there is even one you can dance to. There’s also one that’s kind of a waltz and one called Tennessee Junior - the only reason I remember that name is because it was the last song she played.

There was a strict no-cell phone policy so I couldn’t jot down notes or take pictures so a lot of things are lost to memory. Still, I’ll always remember her playing a guitar and putting her heart into these new songs. She was riveting.

She began her set with the first four songs from "Once I Was An Eagle," all played together as they are on that fine record. A Dolly Parton tune, "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind," followed and then we dove deep into her new songs.

"We gave you fair warning" she said. The Nashville crowd could not be happier.

I had hoped to hear one of my favorite songs of hers - "Goodbye England," but that didn’t happen. What we did hear was much more special than I could have hoped for and I’m thankful for that.

CHAL RAVENS blogged this
25 November 2010:

Chal Ravens

"'s just a guy, about my age, on his way back from a gig. He asks us if we know who Laura Marling is, and we say we do, and he says we look like we would (I don't know what that means). He'd been to see her that night, on his own, and had been standing right in front of the stage and had lifted his leg up there to reveal to Laura Marling a tattoo, from his ankle to halfway up his calf.

"It said 'Laura Marling'. In child-like hand writing, large, with two child-like flowers at each end.

"It was not the best tattoo I'd ever seen.

"The woman herself saw it and proclaimed him to be 'the most chronically weird' fan ever, to which he replied that he was drunk when he got it done. So she told him he was 'the coolest' fan ever. Respect to her for acknowledging him. It must be really, really odd when people you've never met ink your name on their body permanently."