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The vinyl and CD versions, as well as the digital download of Laura Marling's new album, SEMPER FEMINA, can now be pre-ordered from Amazon. The expected release date is 10 March. Here is the tracklist:

    Laura Marling
  1. Soothing (lyrics & video)
  2. The Valley
  3. Wild Fire (lyrics & video)
  4. Don't Pass Me By
  5. Always This Way
  6. Wild Once
  7. Next Time (lyrics & video)
  8. Nouel (lyrics & video)
  9. Nothing, Not Nearly

Marling setlist - The Orange Peel - Asheville - 15  November The setlist from Marling's Asheville, N.C. show last year (on right) indicates that tentative titles for some of the songs on the new album (Semper Femina) are: THE VALLEY, NEXT TIME, WILD (which became Wild Once?), SOOTHING, ATW (Always This Way?), NOTHING NOT NEARLY, WILD FIRE, NOUEL, and DPMB (Don't Pass Me By) It seems that TENNESSEE did not make it into the album.

An explanation of NOEUL has been offered. Justin Tyler Close, who photographed Marling for Lab Magazine, has been and currently is working with Los Angeles mixed-media artist Noeul Riel, and Marling has posted some of that work on Instagram.

Laura Marling's entire catalog can now be
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