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Official video for May I Be the Light, animated and directed by Beth Jeans Houghton.


Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay (from Tunng) have combined to form LUMP. Their first album is available on Apple Music and Amazon. Here is the tracklist:

  1. Late To The Flight
  2. May I Be The Light
  3. Rolling Thunder
  4. Curse Of The Contemporary
  5. Hand Hold Hero
  6. Shake Your Shelter
  7. Lump Is A Product (credits)

"On paper, adding spoken credits might not sound very interesting but in Marling and Lindsay’s hands you get something akin to the instrument listing on Tubular Bells as put through David Holmes’ Henry McCullough. They’ve simply removed BP Fallon’s romantic tale of a passionate friend and stuck with Vivian Stanshall’s literal translation of sleeve notes. It’s oddly compelling."
---- Dylan Llewellyn-Nunes, Live4Ever

The album can be streamed on Spotify.


Kim Hillyard Marling talked about a wide range of subjects with Kim Hillyard of The Line of Best Fit, including Marling's re-evaluation of her portrayal as an artist. "I don't do fashion shoots or have my make-up done because I think that is not the point of me," Marling said. "It's a very respectable point of some people, but not me, but as a result of that, I've sort of felt like I've had to leave my sexuality behind in my career...It's not a huge part of my private persona but it is a part of it and it's so weird that it's not a part at all of my public persona."


"It occurred to me that in ten year of making records, I had only come across two female engineers working in studios. Starting from my experience of being a woman I began to ask myself what difference it might have made had I had more women around, if any. I wanted to know why progress has been so slow in this area and what effect it would have on music."
---- Laura Marling

In Episode 4 of REVERSAL OF THE MUSE, Marling talks about her now ended five album deal with Virgin Records. "I was signed to a pretty terrible deal," Marling tells former Epic Records executive Amanda Ghost. "My dad did my contract because I didn't have a manager then. He used his lawyer from the '70s and we got the most incredibly bad deal which we couldn't get out of for five albums. And to be fair, I wasn't bothered, they never bothered me and I never bothered them."


Laura Marling - semper femina tattoo - photo by Hollie Fernando Laura Marling has three tattoos. The most recently acquired is semper femina on her upper left thigh. On the inside of her left wrist is the Marling family crest, and on her right wrist isthe family motto: We Are Prey To None. These were described by interviewer Tony Clayton-Lea in The Irish Times. On right is a photo of the semper femina tattoo (enlarged in inset). The photo is by Hollie Fernando.

The J Files - 2015

Karen Leng interviewed Laura Marling for episode 95 of Double J Radio. Marling spoke of, among other things, her early days in London. "When I was 16 years of age," she said, "I began playing at a football club bar for these underage nights. I used to get the train up with my friends from Reading and end up in a place called Brentford. Around that time it was me, The Mystery Jets, Adele and, most importantly to me, a guy called Jamie T. He very kindly took a very shy, awkward, young Laura off on tour with him, which resulted in me being signed to his label. I'm still very grateful to him." The episode is no longer available on Soundcloud, but can be downloaded from iTunes.


The Laura Marling Cover of the month (October) is by Clare Stokes, a singer/songwriter originally from Cornwall, but now based in Manchester.

Best covers from previous months are on Best Covers Playlist (YouTube).


Lyrics and video for 104 Laura Marling songs.

Marling's entire catalog can be streamed on Spotify.


A report by The Trinity Mirror data group on word usage by songwriters states that, over her first three albums, Laura Marling employed some 1200 different words. She used the pronoun 'I' 337 times, and the pronoun 'you' 185 times. (From 4 September article by Karen Jordan in Get Reading)


In an interview with Alexandra Pollard, Marling discussed Semper Femina, and, among other things, the reference to an 1866 Gustave Courbet painting in NOUEL:

Alexandra Pollard"...the Origin Du Monde is an image that I've always found very powerful in relation to women, in the origin of the world being this very graphic female genitalia. There was something to me about her that had the essence of that painting, rather than the literal gaze that I was experiencing. So I was writing it, and I was aware that I was treading this line between sexual ambiguity and innocent adoration. And they are not separate, they're the same. It's difficult to explain." she pauses, before adding with a wry smile, "but I haven't seen her vagina, if that's what you're asking."


Marling setlist - The Orange Peel - Asheville - 15  November The setlist from Marling's Asheville, N.C. show on 15 November 2015 (on right) shows tentative titles for some of the songs on the Semper Femina album: THE VALLEY, NEXT TIME, WILD (which became Wild Once?), SOOTHING, ATW (Always This Way?), NOTHING NOT NEARLY, WILD FIRE, NOUEL, and DPMB (Don't Pass Me By). It seems that TENNESSEE did not make it into Semper Femina.


Beck's Song Reader, previously released exclusively as an illustrated book of sheet music, is now available on CD, MP3, and vinyl. All vinyl orders receive an instant mp3 download of the album upon purchase. The album includes newly-recorded versions of all 20 songs from the original book by a variety of performers including Laura Marling, Jack White, Beck himself, and Norah Jones. Marling performs the song Sorry (track #10).


Laura Marling sigils for Semper Femina

Laura designed an individual sigil for each track on Semper Femina, and they are now available as metallic gold transfer tattoos on Marling's official website. (A sigil is a symbolic representation of the desired result of a magical incantation.)

Semper Femina is an excerpt from a verse by the roman poet Virgil: varium et mutabile semper femina. "Woman's a various and a changeful thing." (John Dryden's translation) Shortened to semper femina, it means   "Always a woman".


Mary Stuart poster Marling spoke to Laura Barton of NEWSWEEK about writing original music for Robert Icke's production of Friedrich Schiller's MARY STUART. She said that Icke was the first person ever to ask her to rewrite her lyrics. "I sent him the demo and the final draft of the lyrics, she said, "or what I thought would be the final draft, and he sent a really amazing critique of what he felt was relevant and what he felt wasn't drawn from the play and couldn't be placed there."

Actors Juliet Stevenson and Lia Williams alternated in the roles of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart at the Almeida Theatre in London. Which actor played which role was decided by the toss of a coin before each performance.


Marling sang three songs from Semper Femina on A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION: Nouel, Always This Way, and Wild Fire.

On BBC Radio 4's MASTERTAPES series (B side), Marling discussed SEMPER FEMINA, and plays excerpts from it. The A Side of the broadcast, aired one day earlier, discusses the album "Once I Was An Eagle".


Isle of Noise cover art Isle Of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters by Daniel Rachel, which is available from Amazon in a Kindle Edition and in hardcover, includes extensive conversation with Laura Marling. Asked if she records 'little ideas' and then builds from them Marling said: "No, it's all from memory. I'm a complete technophobe. Sometimes if I finish a song very quickly then I write it down because I'll definitely forget it the next day. But I can't read or write music so I do write down chords and stuff.". And she says she can't just sit down and write a song just because she wants to. "I've tried," she says, "and it's awful, awful, awful, awful." Rachel is himself a songwriter who has released three solo albums, the most recent being A Taste of Money (2006).

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